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Calais Migrant Solidarity Berlin – Donation Collection Point

Calais Migrant Solidarity Berlin – Donation Collection Point

Sammelort der Spenden für Calais Migrant Solidarity Berlin in der association ★ 14a. Hier der Text der Soligruppe:

We now have a permanent collection point for donations for Calais. We are especially seeking donations now as we will be travelling with a car to Calais soon for the upcoming skillshare week.

Calais Migrant Solidarity Berlin:

Please bring donations to:
Müßiggang: Second-Hand-Buchladen (part of association ★ 14aWegbeschreibung)


Calais is a small town on the French border to the United Kingdom, a final bottleneck through which migrants must pass on their way to England. Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS) has been doing solidarity work with many of the thousands of migrants who have come through Calais since 2009. Over the last six months, a dramatic increase in numbers has taken place there; as of November 2014, there were an estimated 2,500 migrants living in Calais. There are no state-funded shelters in Calais for persons without papers: migrants live in extremely harsh conditions (especially now, as winter is arriving) with very limited access to organized support. For those who are trying to cross the border here, repression in the form of evictions, police brutality, right-wing violence and arrests are a constant threat.

for more see:

  • Men’s Winter Clothing and Weather-Resistant Shoes- we really need this at the moment
  • Medicine and Medical Supplies
  • Tents, tarps and sleeping bags – we always need lots of them;
  • Bikes, bike trailers and bike repair stuff – are always needed and really useful for people to stay mobile and get around;
  • Pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, cutlery – for people in the squats and jungles;
  • Books, dictionaries, texts, zines etc – in any and all languages. Especially, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Tigrinya, Amharic and Greek;
  • Games & music making – card games, board games, footballs, basketballs, and any instruments etc;
  • Tools – for fixing stuff;
  • Phones, phone chargers and sim cards;
  • Cameras – we are always in need of good cameras as they are often damaged / destroyed by the police;